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Accommodating Images

Hello fans of BMC and the Porcupine Project, Porcupine’s path from concept to sailing will be paved with drawings from our Naval Architect, Iver Franzen. Each one is meticulously crafted and necessary to both evoke the vessel’s 19th century namesake and obtain United States Coast Guard certification. The first of these, the Lines Drawing, is complete and in our hands. Historically called the draught (pronounced “draft”), this technical extravaganza compresses all the information necessary for shaping the hull into a single page. It can be a dense and dizzying document to the unaccustomed. In contrast, the next set is arguably the most accessible and fascinating for


Here’s to What “Quill” Be…

Hello fans of BMC and the Porcupine Project, Today I officially join the BMC staff as Project Manager for Porcupine. In the six months since I first heard of and asked to be a part of this great new initiative, we’ve gotten the hull and engine into the shop, started discussions with the Coast Guard, solidified partnerships with local school districts, hashed out some preliminary drawings with our naval architect, officially launched Porcupine’s Campaign at the 3rd Annual “Ales for Sails” event, and received the first $25,000 anchor grant from Erie Insurance! With each step, the unknowns have been filed away


New Video Highlighting 1813 Schooner Porcupine Project

Help Float Our Boat! Thanks to Dan Henninger and Ed Bernik for the awesome video about the Porcupine Project.


Schooner Porcupine Center of Gravity Experiment

To determine the center of gravity, both fore and aft and vertically, of the Schooner Porcupine, we convened an accomplished team of friends. These locals included an engineer, shipwrights, boatbuilders, a sailmaker, a rigger, captains, carpenters, and sailors. Using highway scales, tape measures, plumb bobs, jacks, and trigonometry, this was accomplished. The current displacement of the Porcupine was also determined. These values give our naval architect an ‘as built’ starting point for calculations.  

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