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All Schooner and No Skiff Would Make Things Dull at BMC

Hello Fans of Porcupine and BMC, At roughly 42 by 15 feet, Porcupine inhabits a rather large section of both the BMC boatshop and our current organizational focus. She is by no means, however, the only vessel our students and staff are working on. In fact, BMC’s 92nd boat — our second St. Ayles Skiff — will launch this afternoon. Students from the Bayfront Alternative Education Program, apprentices from Project Sail and Project Voyage, and BMC volunteers all contributed to the skiff’s construction under the watchful instruction of our aptly named boatbuilder, Jodi Carpenter. Their labors will come to fruition as the


BAEP Students Boat Shop Work (March 2015)

BAEP students have been building the gunwales and the quadrant for the second St. Ayles Skiff and attaching them to the boat. Each student is also working on a customized wooden box using computer-aided-design software and the ShopBot CNC digital fabrication equipment in BMC’s fully-equipped boat shop.


BMC’s Awesome Staff

We’re thankful to have an awesome team working at BMC . This staff picture was taken after our Thanksgiving celebration with our BAEP students. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  


BMC and Sarah Reed Staff Attend Safe Schools Conference

Sarah Reed Children’s Center and BMC staff attended the Safe Schools Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania this week.  


BAEP Students and Sanctuary

Dennis Williams, BAEP principle at BMC was in the boat shop today, continuing his great work with at risk youth, and helping BMC further serve the Erie Community. The Bayfront Alternative Education Program at Bayfront Maritime Center in Erie, PA, is for 8th -12th grade students who are struggling in the traditional classroom setting. Hands-on, project based curriculum creates a culture of experiential learning which engages students and challenges them to develop teamwork and problem solving skills. We follow the Seven Commitments of Sanctuary ** Culture of Nonviolence ** Culture of Emotional Intelligence ** Culture of Inquiry & Social Learning ** Culture of

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