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Bayfront Summer Program

Credit Recovery Made Fun!

Students enjoyed sail training aboard Taco the Town during the first day of the program.  For most it is a first time experience. This is experiential learning at it’s finest!

Imagine what teens can learn once they get out of their comfort zone and try something entirely new!

With support from the United Way of Erie County, BMC offers a credit recovery program for teens, who attend any of  Erie’s Public Schools.  On-line curriculum coupled with BMC staff assistance and exciting on-the-water maritime experiences create a fun and productive learning environment. Students have access to laptop computers and high speed Wi-Fi connection. The Summer Program runs Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm, starting Monday, June 19, 2017 and continuing through Thursday, July 20, 2017.  Individuals register for one course at a time under the direction of their home school guidance counselor, principal or school secretary, and can cal BMC at 814-456-4077 if they need help with this. Upon completion of the first credit, they may register for a second course. Erie’s Public Schools charges $65 per credit. There are some scholarship opportunities available if the family finds the cost prohibitive. Space is limited.


Nick and Desiree set sail on the O'Day for an afternoon of sailing.

Nick and Desiree set sail on the O’Day for an afternoon on the water.









Students take a break from their academics and learn to row on one of BMC’s St. Ayles Skiffs.

Teachers are available for technical assistance and one-on-one instruction.

Teachers are available for technical assistance and one-on-one instruction.




Erie resident Marvin Sanders, 18, poses for a picture on August 20, 2015, at the Bayfront Maritime Center where he worked throughout the summer of 2015 to complete credits needed for his diploma and graduated! Photo by Andy Colwell for the United Way of Erie County.


Read Marvin’s Story


The Bayfront Summer Program over the Years

For the past eighteen years, the Bayfront Summer Program has provided summer enrichment opportunities for students throughout the area. The Bayfront Summer Program began in 1999 on the Bayfront Maritime Center’s waterfront campus. It was originally tailored to migrant, immigrant, and refugee students who were developing their English proficiency and catching up on their studies.  Summer students learned language arts through hands-on maritime based STEAM subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Participating students learned how to read a nautical chart, handle a variety of vessels on the water, identify parts of a boat, and interpret weather forecasts and conditions. Students have learned to navigate using Global Positioning System (GPS) and have built underwater Remote Operating Vehicles (ROVs), both  from scratch(!) and from kits.

Hoisting the jib!

Students practice teamwork and communication skills while hoisting the jib aboard BMC’s catamaran Taco the Town.

Instruction has included Math, Computer Skills, Language Arts, and Literacy, sailing,  rowing and paddling skiffs, canoes and kayaks, some that they have helped to build.  The young people also learn Basic Boating and Safety.  Over the years, diverse enrichment activities have included  Edinboro University Reading Specialist’s providing individualized instruction, perch fishing, and field trips.  Students have kept  journals, learning to express themselves creatively while becoming proficient with the English language. Students have  designed and created  personalized carved  wooden plaques while learning Computer Numeric Control  operating BMC’s  ShopBot Digital Fabrication Equipment.

In 2011, Dr. Lisa Ramirez,  Director of Migrant Education in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education,  recognized the Erie School District, the Bayfront Maritime Center, the Pennsylvania Department of Education – Migrant, and IU5, for their joint summer program, during the National Migrant Education Conference in Nashville, November 14-17, 2011.

Dr. Lisa Ramirez with Amy Rich, National Migrant Conference Nashville

Dr. Lisa Ramirez with Amy and Rich Eisenberg at the National Migrant Education Conference in Nashville November 15 2011.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education – Migrant  won the 2011 Excellence in Summer Learning Award from the National Summer Learning Association.

Sailing on the Erie boat with Summer AmeriCorps*VISTA Nick Cianci

Sailing on the Erie Boat, Erie’s historic fishing boat BUILT BY KIDS at BMC.


Catching a fish

A proud young fisherman.


“I’m Dinesh. I’m 15 years old. I’m from Nepal. Everyone in my family speaks Nepali language. I have been in the USA for about two years. I like this country. When I came to the USA I was in 7th grade. I was scared when I first go to school because I saw nobody that I knew from Nepal. Now I feel good because I have many friends from my country and have many new friends from the US and other countries.”




The Erie Boat and Ballerina anchored for a swim and lunch break.

The Erie Boat and Ballerina anchored for a swim and lunch – Fun Summer Learning!