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Past Boat Building Projects

erie boat 16

Students from Penn State Educational Partnership Program (PEPP) are shown installing another plank on the hull.

The fishing industry built Erie; the Erie Boat made it all possible. This one was built entirely by kids!

The fishing industry built Erie; the Erie Boat made it all possible. This one was built entirely by kids!



Old Erie Boat Construction with Ramon

Bren Lindell, Ramon Mancha, and a Millcreek Township School District student are shown fairing the Erie Boat keel. This photo was taken when the Bayfront Maritime Center boat shop was located on East Front Street, Erie.

Jim Stewart working on The Erie Boat @ 1999.

Past Executive Director, Jim Stewart, working on The Erie Boat @ 1999

The Erie Boat project took three years and involved over 1,000 students. A half-hull model in the Smithsonian Museum was used to create the lines shown in the book, American Small Sailing Craft by Howard Chapelle. Full size molds were made from those lines by John Montague at the Buffalo Maritime Center. The Erie Boat is a reproduction of the fishing boats in use when Erie, Pennsylvania was the freshwater fishing capital of the world.  Pound nets were used to haul in copious amounts of Blue Pike at the turn of the century. Master woodworker, Ramon Mancha, headed this boat building project, our most ambitious to date.

Our living, floating classroom aboard The Erie Boat. Students learn first hand what the fishing culture was on Lake Erie from 1880 to 1915.

Amy and Rich sailing the Erie Boat on Presque Isle Bay.


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  1. David Califf

    Nice Erie boat.
    I am thinking about building one myself. I plan to add a low cabin for coastal cruising and a boiler plate centerboard for low ballast.

    How badly am I messing up?

  2. This was a nice blog post to look at because it is good to see the young crowd getting to know the art of restoring and rebuilding old boats, I am sure that they found this boat invigorating and exciting.

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