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As a not-for-profit organization, BMC depends on support from peoplelike you for its continued success. There are many ways you can contribute to help us.


BMC's Mission:
To design and implement engaging, hands-on, maritime-themed educational, vocational, and recreational opportunities for the community in a universally accessible waterfront facility. Become a member today!


Porcupine is “Keel-ing” it, so May the Swarf be with You

A cubic foot of solid steel weighs 490 pounds. The same volume of lead tips the scales at 707. Depleted uranium? Eleven eighty-six. Roofing pitch? Sixty. The fabulous void filling “ballast steel” we discovered? Three thirty. We know all this at Team Porcupine because all these things are sealed in the now completed and installed ballast keel. Why all these different things, you ask? Because the keel was a puzzle, and each of these materials was a piece. Ok, not the depleted uranium, but I wanted to make sure you were paying attention. With a calculated weight based on every

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The “Light” and the Heavy

Right now, you can see daylight through the bottom of Porcupine’s fiberglass keel in 14 different places. In some spots, you can see right up through the deck hatches. Normally, this is nothing to celebrate in a vessel of any sort. But in an out of the box project like ours, it marks a clear sign of progress for Team Porcupine, because these holes, all 1-1/4”, clear the way for attaching the ballast keel. The entire process of transforming our Bruce Roberts Spray 40 into Porcupine will be a series of puzzles. As our first one, the keel has proved tricky. Attaching a

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Bigger, Stronger, Porcupine-ier

Dust is flying, glue is flowing and big, heavy pieces of Porcupine are arriving by truck, ready to be assembled and installed. In the past few weeks, we’ve transferred Porcupine’s hull from the cradle she’d been in for the past 20 years or more and on to blocking and jack stands. This allowed us better access to the underside of her keel. With room to work and move under the hull, we created a plywood pattern for the top and bottom plates of the steel ballast keel. Since I first wrote about the ballast keel, there’s been a fair bit of head-scratching about

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EASE Begins 14th SEASON of Adaptive Sailing

EASE began its 14th season of adaptive sailing on Friday June 20th! BMC started adaptive sailing in 2000, and the EASE program became established in 2001. This is the first and still the only adaptive sailing program in Pennsylvania. It serves the entire tri-state region. THANK YOU to the more than 20 dedicated EASE volunteers who organize, schedule, staff, and sail all day with the sailors, while parents, grandparents,siblings, and caregivers share in their experience while aboard the escort vessel, EASE-Y SPIRIT.         EASE began with fundraising help from the Junior League of Erie to purchase two Access

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BMC's mission is to: design and implement engaging, hands-on, maritime-themed educational, vocational and recreational opportunities for the community in a universally accessible waterfront facility.

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